Top 5 B2B E-commerce Platforms Where You Can Streamline Your Upcoming Business

The B2B segment is said to be 4 times greater than B2C industry. The choice of your platform in this industry for your upcoming business becomes a matter of great importance. The choice must be guided by such factors like customer experience, website interface, payment integration and order requirement.

The platform you choose must accommodate the aforementioned aspects and contribute to good management of your growing business. Selecting your e-commerce platform is one of the difficult tasks as the list is huge. But what you should bear in mind is that different platforms have different user experience and capabilities. This article gives an analysis of 5 such platforms where you can take your pick from.


This is one of the leading B2B e-commerce platforms that are meant to simplify ordering, inventory, and product management with minimal efforts. This cloud-based B2B e-commerce portal has features like specific pricing, bulk invite to clients, and dual order creation.


This e-commerce portal has additional capabilities for CRM, sales tax support and mobile API for back-office integration. It offers B2B facilities like centralized inventory and order management.


This is a B2B platform that manages a catalogue program that handles dynamic pricing matrix for all order processing scenarios. It is a potent tool that is meant to meet the needs of growing manufacturers and distributors. It has in-built merchandising and promotion techniques for building your B2B e-commerce business.


It’s one of the leading e-commerce tools for your B2B business. It provides unique facilities like real-time shipment tracking and real-time inventory tracking. It supports multiple languages too and can be used by people from different parts of the world.

SAP Hybris

This is a global business-scale ERP solution that houses within it an ecosystem of suppliers, distributors and partners for end-to-end B2B e-commerce management. It is the best choice Ordering B2B platform as it houses an elaborate network of suppliers and distributors spread across the world. Apart from being reliable, it’s easy to use.


The list of B2B platforms where you can streamline your start-up business is extensive. The platforms described here few but are the most ideal for optimizing your business startup. You can carry out an in-depth research more about them and others that are efficient in streamlining your business.


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