Different Types E-commerce Platforms


When we mention e-commerce websites, people immediately think of online shops selling products around the world. Well, this is one case out of the many cases which are out there. Come to think of it; there are various branches of e-commerce platforms which are found around the internet and in b2b e-commerce platform comparison reviews. Don’t limit your mind to platforms which deal with consumers only. Here is a list of branches which are involved in e-commerce.

The C2C E-commerce Platform

Commonly known as consumer to consumer type of business, C2C e-commerce consists of a relationship between ‘individuals through the internet. It acts more like an online supermarket, but the relationship is between consumers themselves. There is no business involved. People post their products and services and other consumers come and view them. There is a contact which you can use to call the other consumer and meet to do an exchange. Such types of platforms include eBay and OLX.

The B2b E-commerce Platform

Not many people really do understand the b2b platform. This is why it is becoming a viral topic in the internet. A B2B e-commerce platform involves two business partnerships whereby they sell and buy products. There is no consumer who is involved in the platform only businesses. If you have a business, this is a good platform for you to join so that you can form partnerships and increase your supply cycle. For example Alibaba helps business sell bulks to other businesses ensuring goods reach people all over the world.

The B2c E-commerce Platform

B2c e-commerce is probably the most famous type of platform around the world. This is what many people know as online shops where a company is selling products and individuals get to choose and buy. There is usually a cart where your chosen items are dropped and the buyer checks out and pays through one of the many options offered. There is no need to meet the seller. Such platforms include Amazon and Jumia.

C2b E-commerce Platform

For many writers, this is the category for you. You are a consumer but you do work for a company like iWriter who then pay you. It’s not widespread but it is there.


Having an e-commerce platform is very beneficial for people around the world and is one of the real revolutions we are experiencing. You can also look at b2b e-commerce platform comparison and learn which options are right for you.


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