Benefits and Opportunities in B2B E-commerce Solutions

Maybe, this could be a new venture you intend to take or perhaps you are already successful in online business. Then the chances are that you are aware of the benefits of an online solution portal and its impact on your sales. However, you may not have a vivid picture of how much an online store could do for your company’s success story. This article pens down a few of the many benefits a business to a business solution can impact your company for it to be successful.

  1. Higher Order values and conversion rates

The online prospect for B2B sellers online actually overrates that of the B2C in that it can achieve a double growth in size as compared to the B2C souk since the orders in B2B order values comes averagely higher, and purchases that are made by the B2B buyers tend to be faster. In just a single transaction the B2B buyers can make purchases of thousands of a single item since they are buying in vast quantities. It is estimated that the average revenue that a B2B buyer makes translates to about $491, doubling higher than orders made by B2C buyers which standing at $147. This fact is backed by the high conversion rate on the B2B sellers’ website, which reportedly stands at 10% higher than B2C. The B2c  only experiences approximately 3%. B2B buyers will have the higher confidence to purchase, immediately they are given the go-ahead and approved.

  1. Lower Costs

For many businesses, it would sound hilarious to state that you can lower the costs while at the same time increasing the revenue, but as much as it sounds far from the truth, this is possible with a B2B e-commerce solution. If you are a businessperson with the intension to invest in the best technological innovations, then you will certainly be thinking of including nearly all the features of your business online. This would include your clients’ data, customer service, and order entry. Doing this to your system would seamlessly streamline numerous company processes eventually significantly reducing costs that you don’t necessarily need to incur, at the same time making your e-commerce business more effective.

  1. Sales go directly to customers

Your B2B e-commerce solution is a perfect tool if you are thinking to sell to your customers directly. It offers you advanced processes, and it is easy to promote your business and products to your customers. Your B2B online store might have an outline of that of a B2C site; however, it carries the capability of offering services to your customers. Your e-commerce store will need to strategize and plan to invest in a robust digital promotional and e-commerce tool that will let you elevate your B2B trading strategies.


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